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Posted on 2017-05-28 15:21:56 by 100oj

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My blog has the full updated versions, I don't think it's best to upload crops and outdated downscaled ones

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Can I have a link to your blog?

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The pics dumped earlier have the link in the source

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Huh, I looked on the blog and couldn't see this image. Maybe I didn't look close enough??

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This was what you posted in the thread. I'm not digging through that cesspit.

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It's more in the fact I still don't know what counts as DNP, and I'd rather not fuck with it. The periods where everyone goes "ueeeenh my stuff is bad don't post it" while simultaneously shitting on everyone else sort of made me stop trying to post things normally. as well because I begin doubting if anything is safe at all to upload.

Also, this one was posted on a certain imageboard. Once something ends up there, I more or less consider it free to upload until it's mentioned otherwise.

I still have a secondary database elsewhere I save everything, however. Even your darkest secrets end up there where nobody but myself can find them. Unless, you know, someone needs a picture and asks me for it.

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Wow rood

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