2 years ago
If you're having trouble uploading
I've found problems trying to upload from twitter. Problem is, this thing can't seem to parse the twitter links because of the :large after it. The simplest solution is to not be lazy and to actually save it.

Also, at this point, the collection is too big for my dropbox! I'm looking for alternate storage options outside of my NAS to keep all these things, and I'm going to start categorizing them using some software I found to make an eventual transition easier.
1 years ago
Panda links
I'm having trouble too. Anyway I uploaded a translation to the panda:

(C72) [Web Knight (Naitou Satoshi)] Tsundere Seven 21 (Suguri) [english]

And two image galleries:
Sensualaoi's Suguri gallery

Sensualaoi's Starbreaker Gallery [Sora / 100% orange juice / acceleration of suguri]

We also have raws for "(Sankuri 38) [tsundoku koubou] "Chounan to Iwasenai tame ni"
and (SC35) "[Web Knight (Naitou Satoshi)] Burning Brave! (Suguri)"
1 years ago
That first one I haven't heard of, but someone already put up a crap mirror of Burning Brave.

I don't have the patience to sort through those, but because of how cookies are handled, you can't direct upload from EX either. You'd have to save and do that by hand.

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